UX Audit

The UX audit examines the usability of the website in terms of adapting it to the needs of users. It diagnoses risk areas that may make it difficult for visitors to access specific resources and take the expected action: making a purchase, filling out the contact form on the company website, providing data on the landing page or in the registration form. If you want to increase the conversion efficiency of your website, write to us. A UX audit can be a decisive tool in this process.

Almost every website has a business purpose. All activities within it should be undertaken with its implementation in mind. This includes technical, development and content issues. If you notice that your website does not fulfill its function, it is a sign that a usability analysis may be necessary. With our help, you will find out what problems your website is struggling with.

Signals indicating the need to commission a usability audit include:

  • high percentage of abandoned carts,
  • low conversion rate (even from paid traffic),
  • poor quality of leads,
  • generating leads outside the target,
  • reluctance of users to make a purchase after the free trial period ends.

If any of them seem familiar to you, it’s a sign that you need a website UX analysis.

Furthermore, conducting a UX audit and implementing its recommendations can positively influence the website’s SEO performance. It is increasingly said that Google considers behavioral signals as a ranking factor. Unintuitive navigation, problems with submitting the form, difficulties with clickable elements can lead to users leaving the website quickly, thus giving search engine bots negative feedback. Do not let these types of problems stand in the way of conversions and commission a UX audit of your website with us.

What UX analysis methods do we use?

A UX audit most often uses one of the research techniques in the field of usability and UX. The first is expert heuristic analysis, which involves checking the website for key usability heuristics, such as the availability of a product search engine or the clarity of information about the user’s location on the website. The second technique is the cognitive walkthrough method, which evaluates the website in a dynamic approach by analyzing the process step by step.

We offer UX and usability audits in three main variants:

  • research using the cognitive wandering method,
  • expert heuristic analysis,
  • comprehensive usability audit – a combination of the two above-mentioned techniques.

In the longer term, after correcting the errors indicated in the audit, it is possible to conduct further A/B tests, eye tracking or task tests with users.

We attach a comprehensive report to each audit. Its volume depends on the type of audit ordered, the size of the page, as well as the type and number of errors diagnosed. The report allows you to understand the nature of problems and risk areas, and also provides a number of practical optimization guidelines that enable effective improvement of the website’s quality in terms of UX.

UX audit at takaoto.pro includes:

Understanding the industry and user needs

We approach each project individually. We want to understand the specificity and needs of the entire industry and its recipients. Thanks to this, we are able to recommend optimal solutions to you. Trust us and find your way to a higher conversion rate.

Transparent report with recommendations

We prepare personalized and transparent reports. We do not hide behind our know-how: in the document, in detail we describe each element examined and also recommend a solution to a given problem. Thanks to our reports, checklists and mockups, you know exactly what needs to be improved and how, as well as what to focus on first.

Learning and development

By working with us, you and your marketing department increase competences in the area of ​​user experience, which translates into a better understanding of website users. Thanks to this, you will accelerate the achievement of your business goals, use the synergy effect between channels to reach customers and better optimize costs.

A long-lasting and valuable relationship

We care about building long-term relationships with our clients. Your interests are represented by a designated administrator who will guide you through the entire audit process. As a result, we can implement more and more interesting and ambitious projects based on mutual commitment and mutual trust. We want to become a key link in your marketing activities. Take advantage of our extensive experience in creating and managing social media, PR, PPC and content marketing campaigns. Just fill out the form and we will take care of the rest.

How much does it cost?

Basic UX audit

A simple heuristic analysis that will allow you to diagnose basic problems with the website's usability.

from 230 €*

Comprehensive UX audit

A comprehensive UX audit includes a heuristic analysis of the website and a cognitive wandering analysis. A holistic approach allows you to evaluate the website and prepare a comprehensive UX report

from 1500 €*

Analysis using the cognitive wandering method

Dynamic usability testing using the cognitive wandering method is a simulation of the behavior of a user who performs a task on the website, noting and analyzing individual threats and errors and assessing the smoothness of the process. In this way, areas where users encounter real problems with using the website can be precisely identified and sensible theses for testing and further optimization can be made.

from 900 €*

Expert heuristic analysis

Expert heuristic UX analysis allows to assess the website's usability based on developed heuristics (i.e. universal rules that create something like a checklist). Heuristic analysis evaluates individual interface views and its elements - navigation, textboxes, search engine, forms, etc.

from 900 €*

Research and testing with users

We offer research and tests with users that allow to evaluate the website through the prism of real users' actions, e.g. open/close card sorting.

from 1400 €*

UX consultations and training

We will support you at every stage - from prototyping to hiring a UX designer. We provide dedicated UX training for your team.

from 95 € / h*
* The amounts given are net prices.

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We started cooperation with the takaoto.pro agency at the beginning of 2020. We are working intensively to increase the visibility of ALEO.com in Google’s organic search results. These activities focus mainly on link building, as well as on-site activities involving the publication of interesting content addressed to people interested in broadly understood business topics.

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In our relations with takaoto.pro, we value the dynamics of operations supported by clear reports and punctuality. The takaoto.pro team is happy to answer questions and remain open to discussion, which translates into fruitful cooperation.

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An agency that is truly committed to understanding the client’s goals. Effective, very effective, flexible. I highly recommend it!

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After years of searching, I finally found a SEO company that meets my expectations. Takaoto.pro delivers good results and, above all, understands the nuances of my challenging industry, approaching SEO as a holistic process rather than just mechanically acquiring links. Being under their care, I feel like I am treated individually, and we look in the same direction. Great communication, clear and regularly delivered reports are the icing on the cake.

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We recommend cooperation with takoto.pro. The content plans and SEO audit prepared by the local team constitute the foundation of our online marketing strategy and work very well when planning the goals we want to achieve in the future.

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You can serve the customers in terms of what they want, but you can also meet them halfway and help them selflessly. This is the approach towards customers at takaoto.pro. Professional service is an understatement, I recommend it 100%!

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