E-commerce audit

Optimizing your online store can significantly increase your ability to attract users and turn them into Customers. Even small size e-commerce should be regularly optimized. The first step is to eliminate basic errors that can significantly limit the store’s potential in SEO and that make shopping more difficult. To exclude the most dangerous technical errors as well as those occurring in the structure and content, a comprehensive audit should be carried out covering SEO and UX factors. At takaoto.pro we are specialists in this matter!

What is an e-commerce audit?

An online store audit is an extensive analysis that allows to look at and analyze its main business aspects – attracting traffic and generating sales. An e-commerce audit that covers both SEO and UX factors. Thanks to this, it allows to select a store optimization scenario that will simultaneously increase traffic and sales efficiency.

The price of an e-commerce audit depends primarily on the size of the store and the elements it consists of. Therefore, the price is set individually each time, and the audit itself can be extended, for example, by competitive analysis. Our consultant will be happy to learn about your needs in this area and discuss what solution will be best for you, contact us and arrange a conversation.

What we analyze as part of an e-commerce audit?

During the audit, we check a number of important factors that may affect SEO performance and conversions. These are primarily:

  • information architecture,
  • navigation,
  • quality of product descriptions,
  • presence and logical interpretation of appropriate messages,
  • efficiency of forms, search engine and filters,
  • meta data and titles,
  • store loading speed,
  • availability on mobile devices and compliance with mobile first by Google guidelines,
  • internal linking structure,
  • correct indexation in the search engine.

What information will an e-commerce audit provide you with?

Depending on the selected scope, the e-commerce audit, among others, will provide you with the answers to the following questions:

  • what factors can influence customers to abandon their shopping cart?
  • What technical errors do users encounter when visiting the website?
  • Does the site properly target commercial keywords?
  • is the website fully functional on various devices?
  • Does the content strategy meet users’ needs and provide them with the information they are looking for?


Each audit carried out by our experts is accompanied by an extensive report. Its volume depends on the scope of the analysis, the size of the page, as well as the type and number of diagnosed problems. It is important for us that the final product of the audit is not only a document, but also the conclusions and instructions contained therein. The report allows you to understand the nature of errors and risk areas, and also provides a number of practical optimization guidelines, thanks to which it is possible to effectively improve the quality of the website both in the context of SEO and UX.

We discuss each report with our clients during consultations with an SEO specialist to present the conclusions from the analysis in the best way. Thanks to this, the document can become a ready-made list of tasks to be performed. Contact us if you care about the final optimizations of your website!

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We started cooperation with the takaoto.pro agency at the beginning of 2020. We are working intensively to increase the visibility of ALEO.com in Google’s organic search results. These activities focus mainly on link building, as well as on-site activities involving the publication of interesting content addressed to people interested in broadly understood business topics.

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In our relations with takaoto.pro, we value the dynamics of operations supported by clear reports and punctuality. The takaoto.pro team is happy to answer questions and remain open to discussion, which translates into fruitful cooperation.

Marcin Poczta


An agency that is truly committed to understanding the client’s goals. Effective, very effective, flexible. I highly recommend it!

Magda Nowacka


After years of searching, I finally found a SEO company that meets my expectations. Takaoto.pro delivers good results and, above all, understands the nuances of my challenging industry, approaching SEO as a holistic process rather than just mechanically acquiring links. Being under their care, I feel like I am treated individually, and we look in the same direction. Great communication, clear and regularly delivered reports are the icing on the cake.

Antoni Ruszkowski


We recommend cooperation with takoto.pro. The content plans and SEO audit prepared by the local team constitute the foundation of our online marketing strategy and work very well when planning the goals we want to achieve in the future.

Rafał Mandes


You can serve the customers in terms of what they want, but you can also meet them halfway and help them selflessly. This is the approach towards customers at takaoto.pro. Professional service is an understatement, I recommend it 100%!

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