Content Plans

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for reaching customers. In addition to influencing SEO, it also serves to build trust in a company or brand online. Do you suspect that your company blog does not fulfill this task? Forget about articles that do not generate traffic and do not support sales. We know how to plan and create content that answers the queries your potential customers search every day. Check how we can support you in your content marketing activities.

What content marketing services do we provide?

As an agency, we comprehensively support business development in the field of SEO. Content marketing is the foundation of the SEO strategy, offering thematic coverage and building the website’s expertise. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to increase visibility in search results, but also to create the image of the brand as a specialist in its field. The content plans we develop positively impact on both of these levels.

We also engage in effective link building to support the SEO of blogs, corporate websites, and online stores. We prepare and publish sponsored articles, establish and coordinate cooperation with bloggers.

In addition, we offer the introduction of content to blogs, knowledge bases, etc., as well as the development of other content elements that support conversion, e.g. infographics, checklists, quizzes or e-books. Each service is subject to individual pricing.

We know that comprehensive and multi-channel activities work best, so we can plan the entire strategy for your company.

Why does your company need a content plan?

At we know that effective content marketing is a combination of public relations, SEO and effective sales techniques. That’s why we will prepare a content plan for you, thanks to which your articles will help you reach the right people and increase traffic on your website! See for yourself the possibilities hidden in our content plans and use them for activities in other marketing channels – e.g. in social media or newsletter.

The approach we propose allows to maximize the potential of content marketing in business and obtain specific benefits. Running a company blog without a plan supported by data is like “writing for your own pleasure” – it takes valuable time and resources, and does not contribute to acquiring customers. Do not let this happen. Act wisely and focus on effective activities carried out under the supervision of specialists.

How much do content plans cost?

Cost of content plans without content development:

  • 10 topics: from 140 €
  • 20 topics: from 235 €
  • 50 topics: from 700 €

Cost of content plans including writing articles*

  • 5 articles: from 500 €
  • 10 articles: from 950 €
  • 20 articles: from 1999 €

(estimated average volume of the article is 5,000 characters including spaces)

* All content planning activities are priced individually, so the price may differ from the sample price list above.

The final amount is influenced by, among others: subject matter, substantive level and scope of the project, as well as the fact whether the cooperation includes providing content or only creating a plan. The amounts given are net prices, to which 23% VAT must be added.

Each package includes: SEO analysis, competition analysis, development of article concepts (form, components) and an hour-long consultation. It is also possible to purchase the service in a subscription model.

What will you get under one topic of the content plan?

  1. Article title (broken down into H1 heading and meta title)
  2. Subheadings (structure of Hx headings between paragraphs)
  3. Top related phrases
  4. Keywords that build full thematic coverage
  5. Style and communication guidelines

We provide the plan in the form of a Google Sheet and Google Docs documents.

Creating a content marketing plan step by step

Market analysis

We analyze keywords as well as the content of your competitors and other websites. On this basis, we select publication topics appropriate for your target group

Thematic coverage

We check how people look for information about a given market segment or products. Then we develop a text schema that fully covers a given issue and corresponds to the users’ intentions. We plan content that conveys exactly what the recipients expect.

Preparation of guidelines

We create an article outline with headline suggestions. We prepare communication guidelines and suggestions regarding style and form that are friendly to users and search engines. We indicate possible additional content.

Comprehensive plan / ready-made articles

Depending on our findings, you receive a complete content plan or ready-made articles that fully cover key phrases, are consistent with the online communication principles that you follow in your company, and are linguistically and stylistically correct.

Internal linking

Internal linking guidelines may also be an additional element of the content plan. Embedding contextual links in texts enriches the internal link profile, making it easier for Google robots to navigate the website and understand its content. Discover the potential of internal linking for SEO and content marketing activities.

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What is a content plan?

A content plan is a document containing guidelines for content published as part of various marketing activities. In the case of SEO, it is a plan for publishing a blog or other information section on a website. In turn, social media specialists often use publication plans that allow them to ensure regular release of content.

Who prepares the content based on our content plans?

If you have your own copywriting resources, you can decide to order a content plan and prepare the content yourself. Otherwise, choose a comprehensive service, which includes preparing content plans and delivering ready-made texts. Then the articles will be written by copywriters or experts cooperating with us.

How do we select copywriters to write texts?

When choosing a copywriter preparing texts for a project, we pay attention to their knowledge, experience and competences in a given topic. We cooperate with people who have a ‘writing flow’, can create interesting and engaging content, but above all, they are distinguished by their knowledge of the issues described (confirmed, for example, by a university diploma and other certificates or professional experience).

Do we use AI to prepare texts?

We use artificial intelligence to prepare article content only when the budget is very limited and with the express consent of the client. The process of creating content using AI is supervised by a specialist in prompt engineering and advanced language model functions, as well as an editorial team. Thanks to this, we can provide substantively and linguistically correct texts at a relatively low financial outlay, thus enabling effective implementation of the content marketing strategy.

Do we create content plans and content in other languages?

Yes, we prepare and implement content plans in foreign languages. We carry out this type of orders in cooperation with translation agencies, proof readers and copywriters who speak foreign languages ​​or come from the target countries. We select the most advantageous solution depending on the specific nature of the project and budget. We have experience in creating content for the German, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian and English-speaking countries. By working with us, you do not have to worry about developing your business abroad.

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