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An SEO audit, which analyzes a website’s adherence to Google’s guidelines, is a crucial initial step in the SEO process. Search algorithms are becoming more and more advanced and the market is becoming more saturated. To build long-term visibility in the Google search engine, it is necessary to constantly take care of the quality of the website and its surroundings. If you are looking for an SEO audit that will allow you to learn about the condition of your website online and provide precise tips on how to improve the effectiveness of your SEO activities, you are in the right place. Check how we can help you!

What are the websites that we perform SEO audits for?

At, we perform SEO audits of websites both for large websites, online stores, and smaller company websites and company blogs. An SEO audit should perform a thorough analysis of a website’s optimization for Google search. That’s why we always approach the topic holistically. Write to us if you want to look at your website in a broader perspective.

During a full audit, we examine:

  • technical issues – the so-called technical SEO including, among others: communication with bots, indexing, performance,
  • website construction – information architecture,
  • website content – SEO-friendly content targeting keywords,
  • the current condition of the website in Google – whether the phrases appear in the search results, what positions they gain, what subpages participate in obtaining traffic from the search engine,
  • link profile and comparison to competitors’ websites.

This latter point, often omitted in the auditing process, is crucial to determining what potential the website has and how intensive optimization and promotional activities need to be undertaken to be able to compete with its rivals. Commission us with an SEO audit of your website to gain the basis for an effective strategy.

Why is it worth choosing an SEO audit from

SEO audit report and consultation

The final product of the website SEO audit is an extensive document summarizing the work carried out, pointing out diagnosed errors and risk areas. We want the final product of the analysis to be not just an incomprehensible-sounding document, but clear, specific optimization guidelines and recommendations regarding further directions of website development. The report is presented as a PDF file with attachments (usually spreadsheets). We also use project management applications: at the client’s request, we create boards that present all recommendations in a shortened form, indicate priorities and enable smooth communication.
After submitting the report, we arrange a video or telephone consultation to discuss the recommended changes. During this time, the auditor provides their comments and makes sure that the client is familiar with the characteristics of the errors and understands the recommended method of solving them. At this stage, the IT department often joins the conversation (or an external software house or another person responsible for building the website).

Our paths do not have to diverge when we finish discussing the report. Subsequently, there’s the option to purchase additional consulting hours or to opt for ongoing expert support of the website under an SEO subscription agreement. Complete the form to learn more about the benefits of long-term cooperation with

Experience – knowledge supported by practice

SEO audits are performed by the most experienced specialists and partners of the agency. An in-depth analysis plays a key role here, as it is the foundation for optimizing and creating an effective SEO strategy for your website. This demands practical knowledge and experience in effective SEO. Thanks to over ten years of experience in the industry, we have developed unique know-how, tested numerous hypotheses and are constantly expanding the scope of our analyses. This makes our SEO audits stand out in both quality and usefulness. Choose services that bring real benefits!

Professional software – SEO tools

To perform a reliable SEO audit of any website, it is necessary to use the right tools. At we use professional software. We do not use free solutions for SEO audits. Our set of analysis applications is constantly updated to meet the dynamically changing conditions in the SEO industry.

The tools used include Ahrefs, SurferSEO, Senuto, Sitebulb, Screaming Frog Log Analyzer, Clusteric Auditor, Copyscape. Depending on the needs and specificity of the project, we also use SEMrush, SEMSTORM, SentiOne, Brand24. We do not use half measures. We also always ask for access to Google Search Console so that we can first understand how Google actually ranks the website we are examining.

A comprehensive approach to SEO analysis

At, we recommend a comprehensive scope of SEO audits, which includes:

  • on-page SEO audit,
  • off-page SEO audit,
  • competition analysis.

As part of an on-page audit, we analyze in detail how the website was created, its structure, content and visibility in free search results on Google. On this basis, we assess whether it is crawled effectively, indexed correctly and whether it targets the appropriate range of keywords.

During an off-page SEO audit, we focus on the analysis of links that affect the authority of your domain. We evaluate the profile of these links, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This allows for effective planning of link building strategies. We take into account both the quality and strength of links, as well as their diversity throughout the website’s link profile.

SEO competition analysis checks whether your website maximizes its potential in a given thematic niche, especially in terms of the range of targeted keywords. In addition, it helps determine what link profile is needed to effectively compete for the top positions in the search engine.

Contact us and we will explain what exactly may be included in the scope of the audit and prepare an individual offer for you.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

We do not operate on rigid price lists for SEO audits. We flexibly adjust the scope and price of website analysis to your needs and expected budget. This way you get information that is actually useful. In addition, we also perform smaller, partial analyzes diagnosing specific problems.

Comprehensive SEO audit

Comprehensive SEO audit (on-page, off-page, competition analysis). Advised for websites and online stores with a prior SEO history.

from 2000 € net

Basic SEO analysis

Analysis aimed at diagnosing the most common problems related to website optimization. It includes the most important elements of an on-page audit and comparison of basic metrics with competitors' websites. Recommended for simple company websites, blogs, business page on the WordPress CMS.

from 1000 € net

Dedicated SEO analyses

Conducted as an analysis targeted at addressing specific issues related to SEO and optimization. The service is provided in the form of analysis and video consultation, priced hourly.

from 60 € net/h

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We started cooperation with the agency at the beginning of 2020. We are working intensively to increase the visibility of in Google’s organic search results. These activities focus mainly on link building, as well as on-site activities involving the publication of interesting content addressed to people interested in broadly understood business topics.

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In our relations with, we value the dynamics of operations supported by clear reports and punctuality. The team is happy to answer questions and remain open to discussion, which translates into fruitful cooperation.

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After years of searching, I finally found a SEO company that meets my expectations. delivers good results and, above all, understands the nuances of my challenging industry, approaching SEO as a holistic process rather than just mechanically acquiring links. Being under their care, I feel like I am treated individually, and we look in the same direction. Great communication, clear and regularly delivered reports are the icing on the cake.

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We recommend cooperation with The content plans and SEO audit prepared by the local team constitute the foundation of our online marketing strategy and work very well when planning the goals we want to achieve in the future.

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SEO audit – frequently asked questions

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is an examination of a website (store, website, company website, etc.) in terms of its adaptation to the requirements of the Google search engine (or another one, but we focus on Google because it dominates the Polish market). Such an analysis allows to diagnose and evaluate errors that make it difficult for the website to gain visibility and traffic, and then create a plan for the optimization and development of the website. The SEO audit is performed by an experienced specialist based on appropriately selected tools.

Why should UX and SEO audits go hand in hand?

An audit that combines SEO and UX evaluates the website not just for SEO, but also in terms of user experience within the site. Thanks to this, optimization takes into account the needs of search engine bots and real users. As a result, the website can be optimized not only to obtain traffic from Google, but also to ensure that this traffic converts effectively – i.e. achieves the website’s goals (e.g. selling products in the case of an online store).

What is the difference between a professional audit and free audits?

Free online SEO audits are performed in two situations. In the first case, it is performed by a program that is unable to evaluate most of the indicators qualitatively and to take into account the relationships between individual factors. It will also not follow the user’s journey and will not correctly identify elements such as call-to-action or the semantic value of the content. In the latter scenario, performing an audit requires signing a long-term SEO contract (often with a substantial penalty for early termination). Our agency does not engage in any of these practices.

At, audits are carried out by a team of experts in a given field with an emphasis on achieving the business goals of the client’s website.

Website audit – what should it include?

A website audit can take various forms. It may focus on usability issues, adaptation to Google requirements, examining store regulations (legal audit in e-commerce) or website security. From a business perspective, a website audit should include aspects related to gaining traffic (primarily an SEO audit) and its conversion, i.e. guiding the user to achieve the website’s goals (e.g. a UX audit).

What types of audits do we offer?

The basic types of audits we offer are SEO audits (analysis of factors on the website, website visibility in search results, link audit, organic traffic analysis, competition SEO audit) and usability audits (UX – intuitiveness, usability, aesthetics, navigation). They come in various configurations and may concern an online store, a company website, a startup website, etc.

How do we conduct an SEO audit?

The SEO audit is completed within approximately 10 business days. We require access to Google Search Console (access to Google Analytics is also recommended).

For analysis, we use a number of tools such as Sitebulb, Ahrefs, Clusteric, SEO SpyGlass, Senuto, Chrome Lighthouse, Surfer SEO, Siteliner, Copyscape and many others.

The report is created manually based on the analyzed data and contains diagnosed problems, methods of solving them and further guidelines related to the development of the tested website. The report is created in the form of a text document to which numerous sheets with data necessary for the optimization process are attached.

The document we provide is in no case a compilation of reports automatically generated by the tools. The crawlers and other SEO tools used serve to collect and aggregate as much valuable information as possible. In this way, by sorting and filtering data, we can reach the most problematic areas, indicate the causes of low website visibility, analyze individual factors at various levels of detail and taking into account a combination of factors.

An essential element at the stage of handing over the audit are SEO consultations with the client (included in the audit price), during which we discuss problematic areas of the website, explain incomprehensible issues and set a further action plan.

How does an online store SEO audit differ from other audits?

Online stores have their own specificity that distinguishes them from simple, business-like websites or content services.

Due to the mechanisms used (search, filtering, sorting, pagination) as well as the size (a number of landing pages of various types – from category pages to product pages; extensive navigation), they require much more work at the analysis and optimization stage.

Moreover, in the case of online stores (or other large e-commerce websites, B2B catalogues, etc.), we usually deal with a much larger structure, which generates potential problems with indexing resources. Google bots may not crawl and index some subpages very efficiently, which limits the store’s potential to gain traffic and sales. Therefore, analyzing an online store in terms of SEO requires much greater attention to details related to information architecture, internal linking, and XML sitemaps.

Online stores also often have multiple language versions, which implies the need for additional analyzes regarding the correct implementation of hreflang attributes. In this case, it may also be advisable to work on multiple Google Search Console accounts and multiple rounds of project crawling.

An online store is typically optimized for thousands to tens of thousands of keywords, which also presents challenges in competition analysis that requires precise targeting.

Therefore, an SEO audit of an online store usually takes longer and is slightly more expensive (although we price each case individually).

Do you have a question?

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