Boutique SEO agencyWe focus on an individual approach to each project, thanks to which the goals of your business will be realized.
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    SEO services for:

    • online stores
    • publishers
    • B2B websites
    • professional and company blogs

    We offer comprehensive SEO project services, from consultations, audits, through assistance in development work, optimization, planning and content creation, to highly efficient link building based on professional publications in the industry media, blogs, local and news websites, precisely designed facilities, as well as based on non-standard marketing campaigns.

    Scope of the services

    SEO services

    We build your advantage in Google! We implement effective SEO strategies, supporting your company in link building and on-page activities. We select tactics to suit your goals and industry to achieve results while mitigating the risk of Google penalties.

    SEO Audit

    An SEO audit allows to set an optimization plan and website development strategy. It is the basis for eliminating technical errors and correct targeting of keywords with which the website is visible in Google.

    UX Audit

    We analyze websites in terms of UX/UI. A usability audit and proper website traffic analysis are the basis for answering the question why users do not become your customers more often.

    E-commerce Audit

    An online store audit is an extensive analysis that allows to look at the main aspects of e-commerce - attracting traffic and generating sales, and includes both SEO and UX factors.

    Content plans

    We will prepare a content plan for you that will help you reach the right customers and increase traffic on your website! The approach we propose allows to maximize the effectiveness of content marketing in business and translate into specific benefits for the entire company.

    Stages of a SEO project in our agency

    SEO Audit

    An SEO audit aims to assess the current condition of the website and its potential to achieve the intended business goals. It doesn’t matter whether the website is newly created or already exists online and has been optimized for search engines. A comprehensive and reliable SEO audit allows to determine:

    • whether the information architecture is correct and whether the website displays the right phrases (in other words, whether it meets the needs of users looking for specific products and services),
    • whether the content of landing pages is rated well by Google,
    • whether there are any technical problems that make it difficult for the Google bot to understand the content of the page and then index it.

    In addition to the classic on-page / technical SEO audit, we also perform link profile analysis (off-page SEO audit) and analysis of your competition in Google. Thanks to this, we are able to clearly determine what scale of activities is necessary to achieve the intended results.

    Content optimization and development

    Optimization work is carried out based on the SEO audit guidelines. They can be run by your IT department or an external software house. We supervise the optimization process in the field of technical SEO, information architecture, and content development on landing pages. Together, we develop solutions optimal for the scale of your business, sales goals and industry.

    Link building

    Acquiring SEO backlinks when the website has the appropriate information architecture and is technically sound is the essence and, in a sense, the culmination of the SEO process. By gaining strong links from valuable websites, we build the website’s authority as perceived by Google. A website that is often recommended on the Internet (indicated by links) is a website that deserves high positions.

    Thanks to our proprietary methods of selecting destinations and planning articles that carry links, our campaigns are highly effective and translate into long-term cooperation.


    In parallel to link building and implementing content plans, we will consult on the marketing activities undertaken by your company. We will advise you how PR campaigns, social media marketing, or PPC advertising (e.g. FB Ads or Google Ads) can be used to increase SEO effects, thanks to which you will achieve a significant advantage over the competition.

    We start with an audit, analytical work, consultations and comprehensive website optimization. We supervise the work of copywriters and developers. Then, we focus on expanding and improving the quality of website content, content marketing, and acquiring backlinks.


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    When starting long-term cooperation, entrusting the care of your brand, product or website, it is worth knowing who you are working with. Let’s get to know each other better!

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    Customers opinion

    We started cooperation with the agency at the beginning of 2020. We are working intensively to increase the visibility of in Google’s organic search results. These activities focus mainly on link building, as well as on-site activities involving the publication of interesting content addressed to people interested in broadly understood business topics.

    Jarek Paduszyński


    In our relations with, we value the dynamics of operations supported by clear reports and punctuality. The team is happy to answer questions and remain open to discussion, which translates into fruitful cooperation.

    Marcin Poczta


    An agency that is truly committed to understanding the client’s goals. Effective, very effective, flexible. I highly recommend it!

    Magda Nowacka


    After years of searching, I finally found a SEO company that meets my expectations. delivers good results and, above all, understands the nuances of my challenging industry, approaching SEO as a holistic process rather than just mechanically acquiring links. Being under their care, I feel like I am treated individually, and we look in the same direction. Great communication, clear and regularly delivered reports are the icing on the cake.

    Antoni Ruszkowski


    We recommend cooperation with The content plans and SEO audit prepared by the local team constitute the foundation of our online marketing strategy and work very well when planning the goals we want to achieve in the future.

    Rafał Mandes


    You can serve the customers in terms of what they want, but you can also meet them halfway and help them selflessly. This is the approach towards customers at Professional service is an understatement, I recommend it 100%!

    Kamil Lasek