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We optimize websites using a variety of off-page and on-page SEO tactics, tailored to the unique requirements and goals of each project. By cooperating with, you choose a strategy that allows you to build a long-term market advantage over your competitors based on traffic from organic search results in Google. Put your SEO in the hands of experts!

What does cooperation with us in the field of SEO involve?

At, we manage the SEO process from A to Z. We select methods adequate to the needs of small, medium and large companies that want to build growth in a sustainable way and at the same time reduce the risk of penalties imposed by Google. We conduct professional SEO audits and competition analyses, provide consultations, help implement recommendations, develop content plans and prepare content, and also conduct effective and long-term link building. All our activities are aimed not only at building organic visibility, but also the expert image of your company.

  • We provide comprehensive care for ongoing projects – each client receives a designated SEO administrator, content administrator and project manager who is responsible for organizational issues.
  • We have extensive technological resources and proprietary tools thanks to which we work for you faster and better – without burning the man-hours for which you pay us.
  • We work in a data-driven model, which allows for conscious actions and transparent reporting.

Choose our services and choose the highest quality resulting from over 10 years of presence in the industry.

Which websites do we optimize for search engines?

We have extensive experience with various projects. We have been optimizing websites for search engines since 2012. We specialize in SEO for online stores, publishers and the B2B sector. We are not afraid of challenges, which is why our portfolio includes companies from almost every industry – industrial, technological, IT, medical, pharmaceutical, fashion, interior design and educational.

How much does SEO for a website cost?

Prices for SEO services for a website range from a thousand to several tens of thousands of euros. The amount depends on the scope of activities, target keywords and the competitiveness of the industry.

The cost of SEO includes:

  • media budget, intended for preparing guidelines, writing content and purchasing space for publication,
  • budget for on-page activities, i.e. developing guidelines, preparing analyzes or implementing changes on the website,
  • content budget, used to prepare content for the website by carefully selected copywriters.

*The agency’s remuneration should be added to this total.

We match the recommended budget to the scope of activities based on competition analysis and industry characteristics, the chosen strategy and the client’s capabilities. We clearly communicate the factors influencing the costs of cooperation. We do not follow a rigid SEO pricing structure. Instead, we adopt a flexible approach based on mutual understanding and engagement. Write to us if you want to build an effective digital strategy together that meets your needs and expectations.

Why is it worth choosing for your website’s SEO in Google?

We do not approach SEO in a doctrinaire manner. We do not rely on myths existing on the market.
When you request an SEO proposal from us, you won’t receive a standard price list, but a link building strategy tailored precisely to your expectations and capabilities, leveraging content marketing, securing high-quality domains, establishing trust signals, and utilizing second-tier linking.

Sounds complicated? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to demystify the world of SEO for you. We are experts who constantly improve their skills, looking for innovative solutions and more effective processes. Our goal is to bring specific business benefits to our clients. Join them and develop with us.

SEO at is:

Intelligent SEO

We select methods that translate into measurable results. Trust our recommendations regarding the scale of activities, and you will achieve the intended increases. We always set ourselves realistic goals, which we inform you about before the project starts. Remember, the effectiveness and speed of SEO are always influenced by the strength of your competitors in Google. At the start of our collaboration, we’ll advise on the investments necessary to compete for top positions in search engine rankings within your industry.


We clearly define the subject of the contract. We prepare personalized and transparent reports. We’re transparent about our methods – from the outset, you’ll know what you’re paying for, where our backlinks come from, and how the project’s allotted man-hours are used.

Knowledge transfer

By working with us, you and your marketing department gain knowledge that allows you to carry out a number of internal activities (e.g. PR campaigns, building social media activity) to strengthen SEO effects. Thanks to this, you will make better decisions, accelerate the achievement of goals, use the synergy effect between channels to reach customers and rationally distribute costs.

A long-lasting and valuable relationship

We care about building long-term relationships with our clients. From the moment you send your inquiry, through the sales and audit process, to cooperation under the subscription, you are under the care of a specialist who conducts and coordinates activities for you within our company: in the SEO department, content department or during more complex projects requiring expert resources. We will perform all these tasks for you. This usually translates into more and more interesting and ambitious projects based on bilateral commitment and mutual trust. We know how to become part of your marketing because we have experience in participating and creating SoMe, PR, PPC and content marketing campaigns. Let us support you in this process.

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We started cooperation with the agency at the beginning of 2020. We are working intensively to increase the visibility of in Google’s organic search results. These activities focus mainly on link building, as well as on-site activities involving the publication of interesting content addressed to people interested in broadly understood business topics.

Jarek Paduszyński


In our relations with, we value the dynamics of operations supported by clear reports and punctuality. The team is happy to answer questions and remain open to discussion, which translates into fruitful cooperation.

Marcin Poczta


An agency that is truly committed to understanding the client’s goals. Effective, very effective, flexible. I highly recommend it!

Magda Nowacka


After years of searching, I finally found a SEO company that meets my expectations. delivers good results and, above all, understands the nuances of my challenging industry, approaching SEO as a holistic process rather than just mechanically acquiring links. Being under their care, I feel like I am treated individually, and we look in the same direction. Great communication, clear and regularly delivered reports are the icing on the cake.

Antoni Ruszkowski


We recommend cooperation with The content plans and SEO audit prepared by the local team constitute the foundation of our online marketing strategy and work very well when planning the goals we want to achieve in the future.

Rafał Mandes


You can serve the customers in terms of what they want, but you can also meet them halfway and help them selflessly. This is the approach towards customers at Professional service is an understatement, I recommend it 100%!

Kamil Lasek



What is SEO?

SEO is a series of activities undertaken within the website (on-site) and outside it (off-site), the aim of which is to achieve high positions in search results for selected keywords. SEO includes, among other tactics: technical optimization of the website, content marketing, and acquiring external backlinks (link building).

What activities are involved in an SEO service?

As part of our SEO services, we conduct comprehensive link building, including strategy formulation and its active execution. We prepare guidelines, write texts and order publications on carefully selected portals, blogs, forums and backend websites.

We also provide full on-page support, i.e. we conduct technical analyzes and help in their implementation. We develop complete and specific recommendations for changes that need to be made to the website. We develop guidelines for on-page texts (category descriptions, landing pages and other commercial subpages) and content plans for blog entries or other knowledge bases.

We have our own editorial team and cooperate with a group of proven copywriters. We prepare various types of content, including: link building publications, specialized articles, blog entries, category descriptions and landing pages. We help in the implementation of other content projects, including e-books, quizzes and infographics.

In addition, we provide the care of a dedicated project manager, dedicated analyzes and consultations with experts, and we transparently report the entire process.

What are the sources where we obtain links for our clients?

When implementing link building for our clients, we choose proven link sources. We use a variety of tactics to acquire links – from popular platforms that bring publishers together, through cooperation with the media and bloggers, to our own websites that regain the authority of expired domains. We also use outreach and media patronage, and to complement the strategy we use links from forums and NAPs.

When can I expect to see the first SEO results?

The effectiveness of SEO activities can usually be noticed after just a few months. The level of first effects depends on, among others: the scope of activities carried out or competitiveness in the industry. In addition, an important aspect is the client’s involvement in the process, i.e. efficient communication and carrying out necessary changes. Unlike paid PPC campaigns, SEO is more like a marathon than a sprint, focusing on achieving sustainable results over time.

Do you have a question?

Wojciech Michalik